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Working with Jenny as we prepared to sell our home of 25 years and downsize was nothing short of miraculous. We had a lifetime of books, memorabilia, clothing, kitchenware, office supplies, jewelry, Christmas decorations, papers and general miscellany, and things that our adult son had left in our home. Jenny was calm, well-organized and highly professional as she helped us sort through and make wise choices about what to keep and how to dispose of what we were letting go of. We can't thank her enough for her thoughtful, patient and truly excellent service to our family.

Sylvia R.

We had moved nearly five times in 10 years with the military, and added two kids to the mix in that time. With another move pending, it was time for us to manage our ‘stuff’ and decide what really mattered. Jenny was thorough and patient and has an eye for organization, but more importantly, she offered guidance without judgment. The time and money were well spent to teach me how to evaluate utility v. joy, and to temper the sentiment of ‘What if I need this one day?’ It turns out, I don't! I would highly recommend Jenny if you are looking to find a way to permanently decrease the clutter!


Jenny changed the way I think, and therefore live, with my belongings. I look at my things more objectively and she taught me how to keep the most important pieces. I needed help getting started and I couldn’t have done it without her! I recommend this process for everyone.


In just two sessions with Jenny, my bedroom has been transformed. It is such a joy to be able to locate my clothing right away. I could even get dressed in the dark, because I know where everything is. It's amazing to see the amount of things I never needed or used, and I feel lighter having given those items away! I look forward to working with Jenny throughout the rest of my house!


The experience, along with your personality, was warm, welcoming, and objective. I really appreciated your comments about simply being thankful for each item and then letting go. I feel lighter already! I’m truly grateful for the service you provided.


While I was already aware of the method, it was good to have someone there holding me accountable when going through my items so that I was really making sure they suit me ‘today,’ not in the past or one-day in the future. I loved how you reorganized my closet space so that I could see things better; even small changes made a huge difference.


[Jenny’s workshop] made me think that if I haven't worn something in a year or two, it's time to ‘thank my things’ and part with them.


I liked your patient approach, especially at the beginning. You could probably sense my anxiety as we looked at that first box with all that stuff. I couldn't believe how much we accomplished.


As we prepped our home of 25 years for sale, there was one malignant problem: my ‘office.’ Forty-five years of unsorted papers, articles, photographs, navy memorabilia and family heirlooms disastrously unorganized. Not only was the transformation miraculous, it has been sustainable, and Jenny’s patient, quiet approach was inspirational. My career, community service and family life have been quite successful. However, I now fully understand that a spiritual and practical commitment to the Kondo method will be the foundation block going forward for the remainder of my work and life. Jenny has made me a believer in the method.

John M. Robinson, Retired Senior Federal Executive, U.S. State Department; Former Ivy League Senior Dean; Vietnam Veteran; Naval Officer

I appreciated the up-front conversation before we began, which gave me a sense of what to expect and how to divide our time. I was amazed by how much work we got done in five hours. It’s a great, clarifying feeling to have cleaned out space in my closets and storage unit, and I know I wouldn’t have achieved that in double the time without your second pair of hands and constant focus. This morning I reflected on the fact that this was really the beginning of planning my move, and I appreciate the kickstart our session gave me.


Jenny is inspiring! I liked the idea of putting all our cleaning goods for every room in one place so I don't buy duplicate items anymore. Plus it will clear out the space under my kitchen and bathroom sinks.


I liked how Jenny shared tips on how to get organized and declutter.


Jenny helped us with the transition from individual offices to an open floor plan and workstations with more moderate storage space. Her tips were inspirational while also practical, providing our staff with the resources to start hands-on downsizing immediately after her workshop. It was the fresh look we needed to begin the reorganization of our physical office with a positive lens.

Custom Workshop Attendee, Inter-American Development Bank

We had such positive feedback from the staff who attended the sessions Jenny led for us. A few mentioned they started the day at home with a guided meditation. One person said she [meditated] with her assistant manager before starting the day and that they committed to continuing the practice [together].

Mindfulness Workshop Attendee, Bozzuto Management Company

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